Sunday, July 22, 2007

22 JULY 2007 1734 HRS

These days, my relationship with my hubby aren't filled with kisses & smooches any more.
He is so busy with this current project that he have to work everyday like 12 hours. & his temper is so short that he'd blew a fuse anytime I step on his toes. So much so that I always imagine life without him. Divorce?
How should I lead my life sinlge & alone again. Today, I start to imagine again. But like the weather today, it's rather gloomy. I practically didn't even open my mouth to speak since I last spoke to my husband about 10 hours ago. I look out of the window, & sees only cars & families. I surf the net without any objectives. I smoked while I surf. Ate cakes while I surf. Slept on the couch & my bedroom. Still not knowing what to do.
Is this what it's going to be should I be alone again? With no one to talk to. No friends to go out with? It's a dreadful feeling.
I should learn to be more accomodating towards my husband, who is working his ass off. Yet I loathe the fact each time we talk, he would only talk about making more money other than working for our employers.
I hate this subject. It would invariably lead him reprimanding me not taking serious interest in making our money work for us.

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